Selling Candles like Crazy to Retailers

Do you have dreams of scaling your business for massive growth in 2023 but don't know where to start?

Say Hello to IGNITE! WHOLESALE COURSE for Candlemakers

One year ago I was making enough in candle sales each month to barely fill up my gas tank.

I'd run out of good ideas to scale. 

And now in less than one year my business is making more than $10,000/month. 

I figured it out for sure.  And what I figured out is way better than Amazon. 

And I could have done it much faster, 

but I made so many big mistakes that really slowed me down. 

Looking back, 

one my biggest mistakes was not starting sooner.


I just thought it would be too hard. 

I really thought the only way I would grow my business was 

doing more pop up markets and getting more friends to like my products on Facebook. 

And now less than a year later I've quadrupled my money-

I now have over 120 retail clients in 41 states!!!!

Holy Cow!  I never would have guessed that could happen in 3 months!


Now! I want to help you do the same. 

You make beautiful candles right?

And you want the world to have them?

I'll teach you everything you need to know to kickstart your wholesale business like I did. 

And you get to skip the 10,534 mistakes I made. 

I'll teach you: 

how to evaluate your product mix.

how get started on Faire Marketplace and the secrets of working on Faire I've learned along the way.

how to find and WIN new retail accounts.

how to think like a retailer.

and the top 5 ways to position and differentiate yourself .

And I'll make it really easy for you: 

to learn how to control costs.

to know when is the right time and how to make your first hire.

to learn how to handle any customer service issues like a rockstar.

And I'll give you: 

Easy to Use Downloads, Swipe files and Templates!

I can tell you right now 

it is so much easier 

to ship 100 candles 

than it is to ship one candle at a time


it is 1000% more satisfying. 


Hurry and act fast! 

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Make 2023 the year you Ignite your Business.

You'll learn the exact steps I took to take my candle business from 0 to 40+ states less than  3 months! This course has everything you need to kickstart your wholesale business. 



BONUS: My Top 5 Mistakes and What I Would Do Differently (valued at $55)

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Learn how I earned

120 New Retailers

in 3 Months

How my business grew from

0 to 40 States 

in 3 Months

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Raves About This Course...

"I am thrilled to finally find this course. It is so easy to follow and answered my questions on how to set up my wholesale store!"

~ Ashley F.

"Andee is a joy to learn from! Her knowledge and infectious energy has changed my entire outlook and business approach!" 

~ Shelley D.

"When I started this course, I didn't know where to even begin with my business. Now I am able to successfully drive my business on both the consumer and wholesale side!"
~ Savannah C.